Why 4+ ?

We started 4+ with a group of colleagues to combine our boutique offices from various geographical locations to create a collaborative group with different specialties to manage our projects in ever-expanding parts of the world.

This provides our clients with the best of both worlds–intimate and focused expertise and with the support of an overall large group. Every project is assigned to one of the principals to ensure a high-touch experience regardless of project type.

Our personalities are pretty wide-ranging but our principles are the same. Straight forward, open-minded, with a focused interest in how to help you design and thrive in your home or business.


Where we live should be happy and healthy. Supportive and encouraging. Relaxing and restorative places.

Every project starts (and ends) with you in mind.

We listen, explore and ask questions to understand what deeply matters to you. We look at and absorb your macro and microenvironments, and often are involved in helping to decide whether a waterfront or woodland, townhouse, or apartment makes the most sense for you. As we engage in the design process with you, we weave together your desires and concerns to best establish your project’s principal foundations.


Leaving behind the large corporate environments where many of us started, our small groups are carefully put together to complement each other, bouncing ideas off of each other and generating fresh ideas.

One of our principals will work closely with you, utilizing our expertise to intimately work with you through the process of all of the materials, details, and the finer points of the project.

We collectively have hundreds of years of experience in complex developments to tiny temporary installations. We came together because we care deeply about what we do and love the opportunities and challenges of each project type and individual project brings with it.